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Automotive emblems They're all around us, but we rarely notice them unless they're on a very prestigious vehicle. They are worth attention, because they are carefully and expensively! I hope to catalogue both current and former emblems.

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Brandon Mardon Dec Unique Earl I like it much Walter Coles Nov Great collection. Congratulations on your perseverance. Earl Misanchuk Jun Thanx for your inquiry Michael, but I prefer to display only the emblems I photograph myself.

Michael Spady Jun Do you welcome contributions? David Young Oct Very interesting concept, great shots.A universal symbol of speed and freedom, wings are among the most often used themes on car logos. Interestingly, many winged logotypes bear a striking resemblance to the so-called winged sun, an ancient occult symbol.

all car emblems

Part of the Hyundai Motor Group, Genesis is known for its luxury vehicles. The wings on the emblem are neither too realistic nor too abstract. From the one hand, they do look like wings, beyond doubt. The Mazda logotype, on the contrary, is on the abstract side. The version was the first one to have wings of some sort.

all car emblems

The wings were made up of three horizontal lines and looked even less like wings than the current emblem. The Mazda logotype stands out among other winged car badges. The badge represents not just wings, but almost a whole bird. If you compare it side-by-side with the badges of Aston Martin, Lagonda, LEVC or JBA all of them resembling the winged sunyou may get the feeling that the Bentley badge looks more complete and professional.

The wings themselves are made up of three rows of feathers of different sizes, which add a lot of volume to the emblem. You may also notice a tail — not just a hint on a tail, like on the Genesis badge, but a pretty realistic tail made up of seven feathers. Putting the company name between the wings appears to be the most natural and generic option.

This one looks streamlined and sporty. The authors of the logo opted for a comparatively abstract design. However, it was only in that the wings became part of the main logotype.

Another winged badge pioneer, Aston Martin introduced its first winged emblem in Today, the logotype of the British carmaker depicts two totally flat wings joined together within a single shape. This is one of the most unusual badges in this list. The level of abstraction here is the same as on the Mazda badge. It looks pretty different, though.

The Chinese car company opted for a complex geometric shape consisting of five 3D diamonds. The shape represents a bird in flight. The bright red is another characteristic feature of this emblem. The badge on Mini cars is a combination of a circle in the middle and two wings with pronounced sharp angles. What makes the emblem unusual is that the wings are asymmetrical.

Hardly a surprise, taking into consideration Lagonda has belonged to Aston Martin since The wings here are sharper and at the same time curvier than on most other emblems on this list. The badge is recognizable due to the blue cross in the middle. London black taxicabs are probably the most known product of London EV Company. The California-based designer and manufacturer of high-performance supercars, Rezvani has a highly stylized emblem. In addition to a bird flying to the sun, it also reminds a steering wheel.

The highly abstract shape on the emblem of the Polish supercar manufacturer reminds a pair of wings. The sophisticated 3D blue and the hexagon in the middle make the similarity with the Bentley emblem slightly less obvious.

These look a bit like the wings of an angel, due to their color and the small strokes resembling the rays of light. You can also perceive the royal theme.

The old logotype of the German sports car manufacturer now known as Apollo Automobil depicted a winged mythological creature. Airplane wings could be seen on the s bonnet mounted emblem and on the old logo of the former Swedish automobile manufacturer.Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves; others wear their hearts on their hoods.

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We get it. While emblems tell onlookers a lot about you, they also tell a story about the brand that makes the automobile. An emblem incorporates what an automaker is all about—its history, principles, beliefs, etc. Since emblems provide instant recognition of a specific brand of automobile, you always want that classy blue oval, bold bowtie, or fierce ram looking its best.

They might also get loose, fall off, or even get stolen by street urchins. Well, have some pride, and get yourself a new emblem to replace that worn or missing one. There are a handful of tips, though, that will make the process go much more smoothly and make the final product look its best. After all, you want to communicate that you are a proud owner of whatever make and model you happen to drive, not a sloppy one. Emblems might use mounting hardware, or they might be installed with adhesive.

Installation will, of course, be different for each one.

List of All Car Brand Logos and Symbols

Some hood emblems and grille emblems use mounting hardware. For hood emblems, you will have to raise the hood and remove the mounting hardware from the inside. Then you can pull of the old emblem, put the new emblem into place, and reinstall the hardware. Be sure to hold on to your original hardware; you may have to reuse it. For emblems that use adhesive, removing the old emblem might be the stickiest part.

All Car Brands List and Logos

A heat gun, on its lowest setting, will be a big help in releasing the old adhesive. Once the emblem is loose enough, you can pry it off. Just be careful not to scrape the paint. You only get one chance to apply the new badge, so make sure you have it lined up correctly first.Wonder why car brands use certain logotypes, and what is the symbolism behind those emblems?

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Let this website be your ultimate guide to the symbols and car brand logos from the entire world! Here, you can read the history of each car brand and their logotypes. We will reveal the secrets of automobile logos: their meaning, symbols, and what inspired the designers and founders. Besides, you will be able to trace the history of car symbols development from the moment of brand establishment to our days.

This information will be particularly interesting for car brand fans. We also offer a large variety of articles dedicates to the car industry and the role of car brands in our life. Interesting facts, reviews, studies, and so forth — we know everything about car logos and brands and want to share our knowledge with you. Primary Menu. Top 10 Fastest Cars Top 10 German Sports Cars.

all car emblems

Top 10 Safest Cars of Top 25 Fastest Cars in the World Car Logos. Abarth logo Aleksei Titov September 27, June 22, Acura logo Aleksei Titov January 18, June 22, Alpina logo Aleksei Titov November 27, June 22, Apal logo Aleksei Titov November 27, June 22, Car Brands. Recent articles.

All Car Logos

January 15, January 15, 0 January 10, January 10, 0 May 10, May 13, 0 May 3, June 22, 0 All car symbols and brands Wonder why car brands use certain logotypes, and what is the symbolism behind those emblems? The information about all car symbols is here at your fingertips.

Read and enjoy!We all know that a logo is a symbol that is used to identify a company and that appears on its products, so we did the largest collection of all logos from the best car brands in the world. These car logos are recognizable all over the world.

W.C.E -370 Car Brands (A-Z) (Company Logos - Countries - Founded)

Logos can show a lot about how big a brand is. Here you can find the largest collection from A-Z.

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When a company sets out to design their logo, there are number of psychological factors than go into it. Many of these logos have a story behind them, but ultimately the design is supposed to resonate with you on a psychological level.

Ultimately the psychology of your logo entails how the sight of it trigger past experiences, memories, and opinions. You associate all of these things with a brand image. While it may be tempting to throw in as many colors as possible, ultimately logos tend to use only a couple so as not to distort the message of the brand.

Our brains are meant to automatically wired to memorize shapes which is why you always recall them so easily when thinking about specific companies. Logos should subtlely utilize shapes within the lettering or symbols without making it difficult to read or interpret. Abarth Aston Martin Audi Arrinera. Prev Article. Next Article. Related Articles. Car Brands.Each issue of Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside, you'll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design.

The stunningly designed Gear Patrol Magazine is ready for your coffee table. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. The automotive world works on many levels, even those that can be the most superficial. Every car bears a name and every brand has a badge. And that name and badge make a difference. The original was created by Romano Catteneo, an Italian draughtsman, and the emblem employs Milanese elements, including the Biscione shown on the right side of the emblemwhich signifies the house of Visconti, Milanese rulers in the 14th century.

The left side shows a Milanese red cross on a white background. This part of the symbol has been very controversial, seemingly symbolizing the Crusades, wherein the Christians defeated the Moors. Carmakers love wings, and Aston Martin is no exception. The logo itself denotes speed hence the wingsbut it has evolved over the decades from simple superimposed A and M letters within a circle to, ina V-shaped winged logo and then, into what is essentially the modern version.

all car emblems

These four companies formed what is known as the Auto Union, and initially, only Auto Union-specific cars bore the four-ringed badge, while the individual carmakers used their own logos. It also carried forward the iconic emblem that lives on today, largely unchanged.

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Rumors have floated around claiming that the emblem symbolized four driven wheels from the Quattro all-wheel-drive systembut that claim has no historical merit. Still, Audi occasionally has made reference to the connection, capitalizing on a bit of synchronicity.

There are few names in the automotive industry that carry as much panache and gravitas as the British manufacturer Bentley Motors.

The hood ornament is similar, with a large capital B and aviary wings that flow backward. The winged design links to the original company name, Bentley Aero; the company originally manufactured rotary engines for planes during World War I. As attractive as this explanation is, the truth behind the Roundel is far different.

Buggatti was born in Italy, but started his company in in the Alsace region in France. After Ettore died, there would be no successor to carry on his name due to the earlier death of his only son. Fewer than 8, Bugattis had been built, but the name would not only stand in the record books, but also be revived by Volkswagen, who have since built some of the most exotic automobiles ever made, like the EB and the insane Veyron hypercar.

The Cadillac emblem you see today is a modern rendition, yet its initial roots are still easily recognizable.

Every Automotive Emblem, Explained

Monsieur Cadillac founded the city of Detroit, Michigan inand the Cadillac brand bears more than just his name; the emblem bears the resemblance of the Cadillac coat of arms. Like many other automotive emblems, it has evolved over the years, and its original form was far more complicated than what you see today.

Inthe emblem made its most recent change, losing the laurel leaves that encircled the crest and further simplifying the emblem while remaining easily recognizable. Read the Story Chevrolet.This is an incomplete list of every brand also known as make or marque of car ever produced.

Some are from manufacturing companies that also use their company name as a brand name, others are from subsidiary companies or divisions, or are products of badge engineering. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikimedia list article. For other automobile manufacturing related lists, see the See also section. Main article: Automotive industry in Argentina. Main article: Automotive industry in Australia. Main article: Automotive industry in Brazil.

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